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The cure

So it turns out that the jewelry we are wearing or not wearing has a direct impact on our fertility. Thanks to this etsy shop for creating the “cure” that my doctors can’t seem to figure out. Cue eye roll. … Continue reading

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Laparoscopy Survival Kit

Unfortunately, some of us have the not pleasure of requiring a laparoscopy procedure to get a veiw of our baby boxes. As I continue to recover from mine, I wanted to share a list of things that I found helpful. … Continue reading

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Yoga pants on the top, dress slacks on the bottom, the mullet of pants

So I have been back at work for a few days now and this means I’m required to wear these things called “pants”… okay so I wear pants more often than that but my work pants need to be black … Continue reading

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On the mend

So I am feeling much better and even returned to work today. Although it was not for very long, being on my feet made it hard and if I bumped my midsection even slightly, I could definitely feel it. I … Continue reading

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So until yesterday, the closest I had ever come to having a surgery was my root canal and I was conscious for that so it’s entirely different. I was nervous going into the outpatient facility but my nurse said I … Continue reading

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Results are in

No endometriosis…at all. I am perfect. So there’s that, back to square one. Thanks for the prayers. I am off to find a smoothie.

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In pre-op

I have robed up and am waiting for the RE. Super nervous…and hungry.

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White House Petition

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M-Day, hashtag the struggle is real

I don’t have to tell you that this time of year pretty much sucks for those in the IF or RPL communities. It also sucks for those who have lost children or lost their mothers. For whatever reason, this day … Continue reading

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Quick Update

No, I didn’t die, I am just burried under a stack of research for my final paper of this semester in grad school (in addition to working two jobs totaling around 40 hours a week and excitedly starting my internship … Continue reading

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