Stretchy wraps and what I learned

If you poll the babywearing community about best options for newborns and tiny babes you will get wraps (woven and stretchy) and ring slings as the top suggestions.  These are snug, perfectly fitting, secure and mimic the womb. Well when Jude was born, we had a stretchy wrap.  A moby to be exact.  (The woven and ring sling are on my try list before we’d have more babies though).

There was a definite learning curve and it took me several tries to get it right. But once I did, it was revolutionary.  Suddenly I could snuggle and…gasp…acquire arms. My first attempt however was…messy and loose and too low.


First time in the Moby.

This was my first ever attempt not only at stretchy wraps but at babywearing in general.  Those of you who have used a stretchy wrap will immediately notice my horrid wrap job. If you’re not familiar,  this is a horrid wrap job.

He was a mere 10 days old here and and I was obviously nervous about being hands free. He’s far too low and loose here. I have the waistband/pass closer to my hips and the shoulders are not tight.

My next attempts came in the following days.


Second attempt

My second attempt,  he’s still low but much tighter. Also the shoulder passes are narrow which is fine but not my preference. I’m confidently hands free here.


Third attempt

My third attempt was deemed “perfect” by a more experienced wearer. I moved the waist pass up to my natural waist just under my chest. I kept it tight and chose a wide shoulder pass.  I like the wide shoulder because I feel that the weight is more evenly distributed but both narrow and wide shoulders are fine.

So here’s the breakdown of wearing in a stretchy by steps.
1. Fold your wrap in half long ways (or bunch up if you’re lazy like me)
2. Wrap it tightly around your waist above the ribcage
3. Wrap shoulder passes around shoulders and tuck into waist
4. Tighten the waist by pulling out and down piece by piece of the shoulder, using the upper portion
5. Wrap around waist again lower than your initial waist pass, tie tightly



6. Grab your baby
7. Choose a side to use first and lift the shoulder pass with one hand while supporting baby with the other
8. Place part of baby in a froggy leg position into that side, it should be the same side that you’re working on (right – right,  left – left)
9. Do the same thing to the opposite side
10. Pull the passes over baby’s bum in an overlapping criss cross then gently pop waist pass over baby’s feet
11. Pull up waist pass over bum and up to babies shoulders and neck but don’t cover face or airways


12. Check that you’re tight enough by seeing if there are any gaps or ripples in the fabric and if you feel confident enough to go hands free, if not—start over


13. Check that baby is positioned correctly by seeing if A) they are “close enough to kiss” and B) they have a natural seat (froggy style in newborns and m shape in slightly bigger babies), if not—start over


14. Make sure baby has a developmentally appropriate level of neck and head support


My guy is 7 months

15. Carry on hands free like the rock star you are


Most stretchy wraps are rated for 8-32 pounds but the majority of wearers will tell you they get uncomfortable and loose around 15 pounds. I have wrapped my 17 pounder with no problems however.  So it’s your choice. Just maintain safety at all times. 


17 pounds in a stretchy

A word on safety-
There are certain carries that can be done in a woven wrap but not a stretchy wrap such as back carries. Never back carry in a stretchy as the child could wriggle loose and tip backwards thus falling. It is also extremely dangerous to use the stretchy wrap forward facing as it provides no support for baby and cannot be worn tight enough or high enough.

The only carries that are safe in a stretchy wrap are front face in and hip (manufacturer recommends 6 months).

I leave you with my favorite picture of us in the stretchy wrap (4 months old and 14 pounds)


I took the time to fold the wrap and had perfectly fitting passes

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8 Responses to Stretchy wraps and what I learned

  1. How informative!! I’ve tried to wear Luke but he is so high up that I feel like I’m peering just over his head. Maybe short torso people aren’t supposed to baby wear lol

  2. This is such perfect timing. I have a stretchy Boba (just like the Moby). We tried it for the first time today, but I do think baby was too low. I’m not sure this style will work for us though as he loves having his hands free and not constrained. I just bought a used Beco (buclercarrier style) and that might be our go-to. I’ll try out the stretchy wrap again though using your suggestions.

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