Cloth Diaper Cost Analysis

Cost effectiveness is only one reason why we chose cloth diapers.  It was a big factor though because I just could not accept spending money on something that’s pooped on then thrown away. I felt like it was basically throwing away money. Not to mention that during the first few weeks when we had to use them because of his size,  everything always smelled funny and I felt gross changing him. (Not due to being unfamiliar with stinky diapers as I was not a newb)

So for those curious I am doing a cost analysis breakdown of my cloth diapers stash compared to generic mega store brand (cheapest cost), I’ll let you determine which store.

I was very shrewd and frugal when I assembled my current stash of pocket diapers. I started with generic brand LoveMy which are like alva pockets.  Then I picked up some used old style fuzzibunz.  Then I got some print Alva brand.  A friend sent me some Sunbaby diapers. Another friend gifted some more fuzzibunz.  And I flipped some to purchase used bumgenius and new kawaii. My entire stash of 36 ish day diapers and 2 overnight was about $250 generous as it counts gifted diapers.  So about $5-$7 per diaper.

The breakdown of costs below is based on 10+/- changes a day for 3 years.  I even gave the generic an advantage by using the bulk box savings price.


Now you might be wondering about laundering costs. Really they are minimal as its just a couple loads a week and many families line dry their diapers. I do not but the laundering costs are so small I’m not even including them. 

Clearly, a 2 cent per change cost way wins compared to a 14 cent cost. Those 14 cents mind you are for cheap store brand diapers you can double if not triple that for name brand. The cloth can be used for multiple children as well further decreasing costs while the disposable are a one and done deal.

I would also like to point out that pocket diapers are not the cheapest way to cloth diaper either.  I plan on presenting a way to cloth diaper soon which would be under $100 initial investment.  Stay tuned. 

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2 Responses to Cloth Diaper Cost Analysis

  1. Melanie says:

    We LOVE cloth!! I use perefolds and covers and can count the number of leaks on one hand. Can’t say the same for sposies!

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