8 Month Update

The last month has been a whirlwind of firsts. I feel like Jude is entering a new stage of babyhood. No more is he a “baby” but rather he’s a “pre-toddler” as we call him.

He is still butt scooting but he’s getting quicker and he’s started “crawling”. I quote that because it’s not the traditional way but it gets the job done. He gets on all fours with his legs in a squat and pushes off with one leg.

He also pulls himself to a stand now. And can hold it for a while if supported. I was surprised by that because I didn’t expect it until 9 months or older but he’s determined to walk…already.

I believe he has started to sign ” more ” when eating solids. He’s continuing to play with sounds and call for us.  And he’s clapping and shaking his head “no”.

We’ve made an adjustment with solids. We started with mostly purees and the occasional blw-esque meal. Well, he’s decided to no longer accept being spoon fed. So we are doing a type of blw now. He doesn’t eat exactly what we eat but I give him whole food, cut up,  mashed or whole depending on ease of eating. He loves this model and looks forward to solids.

We’ve been having trouble getting our reading in everyday as he just wants to play or be worn all day. I can get a few pages in before he steals the book and scoots away. So we will just keep trying.

We started the month with no teeth and no hope. We now have three teeth and working on a fourth, maybe fifth. So Yay.  I thought I would miss his gummy smile when he got teeth but his little toothy smile is just as cute.

New teeth also means biting. If he bites during a feeding,  he gets removed and put on the floor until he can nurse gently.  This helps. He has also figured out that if he nurses nicely but bites quickly between sucks, I don’t have time to unlatch him. The biting has also appeared to extend to when I take away something he’s not allowed to have,  he will attempt to bite me.  Sooo…

We took him to the zoo for the first time.  They are doing their lights right now for the holidays so we got to see those. Since it was dark, most of the animals were asleep or put away. We did get to see the petting zoo animals. He liked the pigs abd goats the most.

We upgraded him from infant to convertible car seat as well.  So he can now rear face until 40 pounds. He also seems more comfortable.

It’s been a fun month!  Today he’s going to help me decorate the tree.

Pictures –


Thanksgiving feast






Being ornery


Signing " more " while eating squash



Peach pieces


His way of crawling


Pulling to a stand


Supported standing


First zoo trip


Crawling around surrounded by toys

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  1. Cutie Patootie! Jude is growing up so fast!

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