Our Story

I am a 24 year old who is blogging about my pursuits to start a family with my husband of 4 years. I wanted a family pretty much as soon as we got married but knew with some college left to go that we’d have to wait. So we set out standards for when we felt we could responsibly start a familiy, 1) Have a house, 2) Have health insurance for myself and a child and 3)Be finished with or able to finish undergraduate degree. After about a year of marriage we were there, it was time, then my husband was laid off from his job of over 3 years. We were upset and thought we’d have to wait some more but after some processing and talking to parents, we decided we’d go a head and start trying while seeking new employment. That was 3 years, 8 total months of clomid and 3 rounds of IUI ago. I hope to bless the lives of others with the contents of this blog and also raise awareness for the 17% infertility rate among US couples, that include young ones like us! Thanks for the read.

December 2009- Married my high school sweetheart

June 2010- Started on vitamins and fish oil for DHA (knowing it needed time to get in my system)

November 2010- Closed on our house, thus fulfilling the “start a family” requirements

January 2011- Economy punched us in the face. We said screw it and decided to move forward.

April 2011- Husband finishes Real State licensing and begins as a property mangement agent.

May 2011- Started working for a local buffet for the summer, and the suckered me into staying longer.

November 2011- Shouldn’t we be pregnant by now? Scheduled an annual where it was decided that I would start on 50 mg of clomid.

December 2011- Progesterone levels looked promising, I got my hopes up. No BFP. Graduated undergraduate with Bachelor of Art in Family and Consumer Science and Bachelor of Art in Psychology. Another round of clomid. My job at my university ended naturally.

January 2012- No BFP. Another round of clomid.

February 2012- No BFP. Another round of clmoid. Started working with Extreme Nazarene Missions.

March 2012- Progesterone levels exceptionally high. No BFP. Did not take another round of clomid as levels were so indictive of pregnancy. Again, no BFP.

April 2012-Husband’s company downsized, another economic punch in face. No BFP. Went for follow up with gynocolgist, she referred us to our RE. We went for a consult, got the $$$ of it all and with heavy hearts, took a step back, knowing we couldn’t afford it and my insurance didn’t cover.

May 2012- I star graduate school, my husband starts in retail. We take it easy with TTC for a while.

September 2012- The buffet closes and I lose that job. My parents convince me to let them put me on their insurance as it won’t cost either of us anything extra… I was hesitant because I’m proud but eventually agreed they were right.

April 2013- Husband gets a promotion! Yay for monies and more benefits.

August 2013- I call my insurance and find out, they cover infertility costs. We return to our RE for a follow up consult. We decide we will try IUI.

September 2013- HSG scan. No blockages! Start 50 mg clomid. Round 1 IUI. BFN.

October 2013- Start clomid again. Round 2 IUI. BFN.

November 2013- Start clomid again. Round 3 IUI. BFN on Thanksgiving.

December 2013- Follow up consult Recommended more testing on both of us. If they don’t work, IVF will be the next option. Insurance provider changed. They still cover infertility (PTL).

January 2014- Specialist recommends hubby takes extra vitamins and clomid.

February 2014- break

March 2014- clmoid started

April 2014- clomid has helped, continues

May 2014- Laparoscopy shows no endometriosis, final  month of clomid

June 2014- RE diagnoses Male Factor only with no Female Factors and schedules Round 4 IUI

July 4 2014- IUI Round 4 with four follicles!

July 18 2014- BFP! Beta confirms with HCG over 300. 48-72 hours later, beta triples.

August 8 2014- Ultrasound With RE shows one healthy baby. Graduation from infertility clinic.

August 19 2014- Ultrasound with OB shows a growing healthy baby with a good heartbeat.

September 16 2014- Doppler appointment let us hear heartbeat for the first time and it was a beautiful 150! We announce on Facebook our good news.

14 Responses to Our Story

  1. Jen says:

    So are you dealing with unexplained fertility? Or did you ever get a diagnosis. I’m sorry you’ve been on such a long journey so far….I’ve only been on this road for 16 months so far and I’m just so emotionally drained from everything. It really takes a lot out of you. Are you thinking of doing more IUI’s? Our plan is to do a total of 6, since they’re covered by our insurance at 70% (3 clomid only, 3 with injectables) before we move on to anything else. Saving for IVF would take a year or two.

    • hannahlkuhn says:

      We have had several diganoses, mostly they believe there are some smaller things that shouldn’t cause us to NEVER concieve but are huge stumbling blocks. For one they are operating under a diagnosis for me of endometriosis. One of the tests I will likely be undergoing in the next year is Laparscope.

      • Jen says:

        Gotcha! I had a laparscopy/hysteroscopy just a few weeks ago. It wasn’t bad for me. I’ve heard it’s a harder recovery depending upon what level endo they end up diagnosing you with. I hope you’re able to conceive and/or get some answers soon! The not knowing is the hardest part, at least it was for me.

      • hannahlkuhn says:

        Not knowing is defintely rough. I feel confident that I have endo just from my symptoms but no blockages so there could be polyps or scar tissue causing problems. As far as doing more IUI’s, at this point we probably will not be, our RE has recommended not trying anymore than 3 in our case but if we get more answers with the upcoming tests and therapies, it might be worth it, since IVF is extremely expensive.

      • Jen says:

        Makes sense! If they’re able to remove scar tissue and/or polyps that will put you in a much better situation! From what I understand about endo though you have a window of 6-12 months after the surgery to get pregnant, if you’re unable to usually you have to do the surgery again bc that stuff always grows back.

      • hannahlkuhn says:

        Yeah, that’s what my RE said too. I’m pretty tough so if I have to do it several times, I will. The other thing too is that usually getting pregnant makes endo better IF you can. Kind of a catch 22.

      • Jen says:

        Yea I don’t blame you! Whatever is within my reach I’d be happy to do too if it got me closer to being pregnant! Lol, yea really!!

  2. Love,DANI says:

    So what were you husband’s numbers? Thats the same problem we have… but his numbers were so low that we had to do IVF with ICSI.. were waiting to transfer soon… I hope that IUIs are all you need! XOXO Good luck!

    • hannahlkuhn says:

      He is not comfortable with me sharing that but they were pretty low. Our RE wants us to do IVF with ISCI but we wanted to try one more IUI (post male clomid therapy) first.

      • Love,DANI says:

        I see.. my hubby doesnt like sharing that either… I do it here because I dont share my blog with anyone we know.. its my little secret.. Let me know if clomid improved your hubbys numbers!! good luck!! xoxo

      • hannahlkuhn says:

        It did!! My blog is fully public so I have to be careful what I share.

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